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July to November 2011

The Tiki Thomcat was successfully delivered from New Bern, NC to Hilton Head Island, SC in July. In the time since then Hurricane Irene passed though the New Bern area and caused extensive damage. Another boat moved into the slip we were parked in up there and received a lot of damage, including a hole in one of it's catamaran hulls. Needless to say we were very lucky. That being said, the same winds broke the Tiki Thomcat mooring it was attached to and it was washed up into the marsh for a short period. When the hulls were rebuilt some time ago, the bottoms of both hulls were covered with multiple layers of kevlar to protect from oyster and other kinds of damage. The folks at Palmetto Bay Watersports were very helpful and towed the boat back to the dock for safekeeping until I could make it back from working on the boat's new home in Florida. The boat's new home needed repair to the seawall and some additional concrete poured. After returning to Hilton Head we moved the Tiki out to a temporary location where it was anchored with it's two anchors. The plan was to come back in two weeks and install a more secure mooring but this didn't happen.

Work on the seawall took longer than expected and the anchor lines twisted up on themselves causing the two anchors to pull closer to each other and basically making on ball rather than two separate holding points. I tell this story because strong winds belted the Hilton Head area and caused the boat to slide up in to the marsh and require rescuing again. I hate when I am not nearby to handle these issues. So, then the boat lived on the docks at Palmetto Bay Marina awaiting my arrival to prep the boat for it's trip to Florida.

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