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Flying Fish Monday

Monday July 11, 2011

Up and out by 7:30am and under full sail in the channel, I knew it was gonna be a good day.
It seemed like as soon as I got offshore I was being bombarded by flying fish and it continued off and on all day long. Every once in a while I would have to duck or pick up a fish off the deck and free him back into the wild. I tried trolling for a while and caught some weeds.

I have a unique sound system set up to listen to tunes on the boat. I have a set of computer speakers complete with subwoofer powered by an inverter running off of one of the house batteries. I have Pandora radio running on my Droid X with the sound pumping out of that system. As I got futher offshore about 30 miles I lost internet access and had to switch to the fm radio option. There is something cool about sailing along 30 to 40 miles offshore cranking Jimmy Buffett and while thinking that thought having some dolphin swim by!

I motorsailed along at 7-9+ mph in big swells and sometimes surfing down waves up to 10 mph.

I pulled into the channel at Georgetown at 6:30pm. It was a long run up the river and couldn't find the research vessel I was instructed to dock behind when I contacted the marina by phone so I just anchored in the harbor. All in all I put in 80 miles!!!
To celebrate, I dinghied over to the row of restaurants and went to a place called Buzz's where I enjoyed some seared ahi tuna and some crab stuffed mushrooms. Both were wonderful! Upon getting ready to pay I thought I left my wallet on the boat so I left my backpack with the bartender and dinghied back to the boat only to realize I forgot that I put the wallet in my backpack. So back to the restaurant I went.
Back on the boat I slept to the distant sounds of a factory at the end of the harbor with the hatches open. It was a nice deep sleep after such a long day.

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